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Cyber Security:

Like any company, when dealing with clients and their businesses, you want to ensure that you have a solid and secure cyber network. It is necessary to have that in place for you and your client’s peace of mind, especially when you are dealing with information that they have shared with you in confidence.

With the pandemic happening and businesses operating online on a large scale, it is imperative now more than ever, to ensure cyber security. In order to have the necessary protocols in place to ensure your clients that their business is in safe and capable hands, you need to have individuals capable of handling any and all bases of the cyber security.

A lot of areas come in to play when we are dealing with cyber security. There are five distinct types of cyber security, these include:

  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Application Security
  • Internet of Things Security

How Do We Help?

By supporting and taking care of your recruitment hassle! To make things easier for you, we make sure you have the right candidate for your needs. Our candidates have multiple skills and come from a variety of specialized fields. Our candidates and their roles include:

  1. Information Security Analyst: Our candidates are specialized in designing and installing IT security systems that will protect your business’ computer networks from any potential cyber-attacks and make sure that your security software is up to date.
  2. Information Assurance: This role requires individuals that are well read in terms of protective measures for information systems- and in the case of a cyber-attack, there is also a defensive system that protects your information from infiltration.
  3. System Security IA Specialist: The role of this specialist is to ensure that the company’s information remains secured while being accessible to its employees, while being in control of what actually can be accessed. This is to monitor sensitive information that a business would want to protect and secure.

In order to keep all of these areas in check, it is important to hire people who are skilled and have an expertise in this multi-faceted job.

At Hi5 consulting, with our candidates, we ensure that businesses are connected with individuals that would best suit their requirements. We have a large pool of candidates that are well equipped to fulfill any of the roles that you might require. As the technological world advances, we think it is important to have individuals on your team that are able to keep your security up to date accordingly. We believe that every business requires a different level of expertise – which is why our candidates are handpicked from a pool of thousands to fit right into your space.