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For the role of a database administrator, it is necessary to hire someone capable, efficient, and responsible.

A data administrator can be a great addition to your team that will help you manage your data to make sure it is accurate, and secure. This will also ensure that your data is backed up and in a case of emergency, can be recovered.

This role can have variations that include:

  • System Data Administrator: This job focuses on installing, configuring, or upgrading your database software to make your company’s data system works efficiently.
  • Task-Oriented Data Administrator: This job requires the administrator to focus on specific areas of data and work on them. This might be things like data recovery or security related.
  • Application Data Administrator: This job is focused on making sure your data is integrated into applications and working seamlessly.

Every business has their database requirements and demands. For you, there may or may not be a specific area where you need a database administrator to manage. Whatever the case for your company, at Hi5 Consulting- we make sure you get to hire exactly what your business needs!

We take away the hassle and stress of hiring and instead, recruit for you the perfect fit that works for your company specifically! With the right skills set, the level of expertise, and capabilities- our candidates are perfectly suitable for your company.