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Network Design and Architecture

In order to have a well working company, you want to make sure your network design and architecture has a proper implemented system that covers all the bases.

In creating a network design, there is a lot that goes into it. A network designer would need to assemble all of the endpoints, users, devices, LANS, and all the other relevant assets that will be contributing to the network. All of this information is gathered and a comprehensive working network is created which then connects the entire business. This network design can further evolve as other sectors of a business collaborate and integrate.

On the other hand, the modern network architecture consists of two components which include: Intent-based networking (IBN) and Controller-led design. These are both great network architectures and every business can collaborate with network architectures to understand which one would work best for them.

For these two roles, our aim is to connect businesses with individuals who have experience, skills, and the ability to work with the ever evolving technological world.

Here at Hi5 consulting, our huge pool of candidates consists of individuals handpicked to make sure that they meet you where you want them to be. Not only are these candidates efficient and capable, they are also able to strategize and work with you to implement the right design and architecture that best fits your business.