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PeopleSoft software is one of the most integral software in the market today. As it is an essential tool for business to run day to day operations, seamlessly working with individual applications to manage different areas of  a business, including: Human Resources, Finance, Customer Service.

It enables businesses to execute their daily goals and operations as it is integrated with multiple business applications! This can be an incredible tool for businesses who want to take their day to day work to the next level.

As businesses evolve to accommodate the ever growing technical world, it is necessary to have a team of employees that will grow with you.

At Hi5 consulting, we want to connect you with individuals that are not only capable of the technical skills necessary to work with this software, that includes coding and programming, but also know how to implement these skills to your business accordingly.  

Every company has their own set of requirements, whether it be the skills required or the role’s demands; we make it easy for you to find the perfect hire!

We have a diverse range of candidates that is guaranteed to meet your requirements and more! Our goal is to facilitate your hiring process in such a way that you find your next hire quickly, efficiently- while being confident that you are indeed making the right decision that will take your company to new heights